Win and loss are metaphors to Sea and Sun

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February 28, 2019

Win and loss are metaphors to Sea and Sun

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We all get annoyed when we lose and watch opposition celebrate in front of us. Many times we give up the battle in fear of loss and to avoid this annoying irritation.

But getting annoyed should not stop us from participating. In-fact win, and loss is like two spikes lying in the opposite end of a circulating wheel. In Life, we come across with many metaphors; metaphors teach us a lot, and one trope that I always connect is the relationship between sun and sea.

The day begins in the dawn with the red sun getting up from the sea. Brightening sun reduces the force of waves, and with time, waves lose their strength. Sun glows with the silver lining, and the sea loses its battle to the sun.

But Sea waits for its time, and when the time comes; Sea gallops not the only sun but his entire energy. This triumph makes sea jump in joy and its waves start dancing like anything. They show extreme force with suns energy embedded inside the water and sea reaches its zenith in a roar.

I describe the sea and sun as win and loss. In reality, nobody loses, and nobody wins. There is nothing called gain or loss but what ultimately remains is the effort you put.

Never get overjoyed if you win
Never get disheartened if you lose
Because win is not a win but fruit of your effort
Loss is not a loss but a warning sign to increase your effort