No matter What’s of Local Elections

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August 21, 2018
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November 7, 2018

India is the world’s largest democratic country. Moreover, there is a multiparty ruling system. This makes every small election an important one. Local body election of the state plays a crucial role as they act as precursors of state and national election results.

Local body elections are filled with local gossips, fun, brawls and a lot of excitement. Here are some of my opinions on “No matter what’s?” of local body elections in India.

1.No matter what, How much famous the person in his ward, street, Mohalla People always say “ What is less to him, he has a lot of money to contest the election.

2.No matter what, the winner always face the words “Winner gave more money to people than other contestants.”

3.No matter What, its hard to find the people who say vote for the person, not the party even when a party does not matter for the works to commence.

4.No matter What, Few of them pay all their taxes (a month or two before elections) to contest local body elections.

5.No matter What, Many times candidates faces are new to many people ( not applicable in a few cases) and such candidates are seen as aliens when they come to the campaign.

6.No matter What, If your MLA is from X party then local body rulers will be from X party.

7.No matter What, the Elected candidate will be accessible in solving property disputes, Husband-Wife fights, Wife-In-law fights, Street brawls.

8.No matter What, Many times female candidates are just a name (due to reservation) but their husband will be the ruler.

9.No matter What, Who or which party wins; but everybody celebrates.

10.No matter What, MLA’s elder brother or son will be president of the local body either directly or indirectly.

11.No matter What, Some candidates get votes only of their family members.