Tensionless Wish-list

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April 28, 2018
Smile- The Evidence of Happiness
April 28, 2018

Tensionless Wish-list

Life is a bucket of wish-lists; but, every wish cannot be under happening true-list. Every-time one or the hindrances or circumstances make us divert; or else, give a red signal to wish lists. Sometimes it is force-full and sometimes it is mandatory.

1..  Being in the field of science and living in the era of innovation, it’s always a preference; and, truly will be on the bucket list of everyone to lead life innovatively. Especially; when it comes to the job, everyone needs change, new assignments each day is what the priority amongst bucket list. Despite getting the handful of salary to settle the normal life, everybody feels; somewhere, their job is routine and dumb, they should lead the innovation every day to be happy. This will be the first on the bucket list.

2. Bothering’s of life that smother our happiness increases as we grow old. This is the reason why we always feel to get back to our childhood. Everybody loves to be like a child; children have no bothering’s, no worries, no envy of others, no place for good or bad things. Children’s life will be like a white paper, write a poem or simply scratch on it; here, everything is accepted and appreciated. Childhood is a dream that will never come back. There is no chance of getting back our childhood; but, it will be everybody’s bucket list.

3.Sports and amusement play a pivotal role in refreshing our lives; everybody loves to play games of their interest, love to listen to music all day; watch movies until tears burn in the eyes, travel a long distance to a pleasant place, roam in forest without fear and protection, climb the surfaces like a gecko, run like the Forrest-Gump character of the movie, dance whenever and wherever the mind feels. Swim in water entire day like a fish,  this is the ecstatic bucket list.

Time is always a factor, imagine that,  we try reaching our workspace in time; even if we face head torturing traffic. We get early to reach early. Exam time study night-outs. Working incessantly without time to sip coffee. Run back to home after 9 hours of work, Get married after 25 years of age, get retired when you reach 60 years retire, get ready to eat Profanity from children and grandchildren. Time is one of the main constraints for everyone. If time moves as per our wishes!.  Good times are always a bucket list.

5. While we walk down through the life; we observe beggars wearing the shirt with full of windows. We see few people thriving for food, water, shelter.

We see a blind man facing difficulty in crossing roads, a mad fellow strewing their hairs, an old fellow waiting to get help from some youngsters, a child losing its way and crying to find the way or any persons familiar to its face.

We observe people meeting with accidents, shedding their blood on the road and weeping for help to get back to normal. Couples struggling to serve their kids due to poverty. It will be everybody’s bucket list is to join hands with everyone in the society who are in some problem and whose life strewn.