Key to successful Event management

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April 7, 2018
April 7, 2018

Key to successful Event management

Key to success of event management

“Event management” It was an ethereal managerial skill that is requisite for the success of the event.

The success of an event mainly reckons on the following parameters or else managerial criteria’s.


Ahead of doing any task, it’s a plan which acts as a basement to the building. The plan for the program should be prepared and documented. Before planing it should be well discussed with the fellow members in the panel of the task, and the one who is associated to the chore.

One should take the initiative of devising the plan and its accomplishment, its blueprints, sketches to be machinated prior to motivating  the panel. It will be great if it is clearly documented. The motivator should be a resource full person who can harness all the assets of an event and its consequences.

“Plan serves you as foot in the walk of managing an event”. Without feet, do not think of a successful walk because  heel chairs don’t work here.


It’s a difficult task in the event management, since it’s a labor of winning over the panel about the event planing. The initiatory person for a motivation, better ought to impress with good communication skills, attractive and gentle repute. The difficulty arises in motivating the sponsors and financiers while conducting an event. Even the media tactics may play role in motivating a plan.

Media communication:

In the modern world, advertisements plays a major role in the triumph of any event, project, product, etc. Approaching the people via the Internet, newspaper, TV, FM envy a huge role; it can even pull lots of patrons to the event.

Source: It is a very important labor to be ascertained before campaigning event. This includes place, time, people involved etc.


“Time is the price of success…. Tme is the secret of happenings”

It’s a very privileged action, that has to be done while engineering an event. Even a second to be masterminded and executed, for instance; if you are going for an expedition, one has to plan the kilometers travelling, estimate the time going to take to travel the distance, time that can go  junking in traffic,  time spent in breakfast, lunch, dinner and other miscellaneous aspects have to be counted and assorted a time.

Similarly, if you are organizing a symposium or a seminar, one has to calculate the time that each person can be allotted and can consume by each speaker, if mandatory even the time can be restricted accordingly to the orator,tea and other breaks will decide  overall success. Everything is dependent on infinite valuable TIME.


Whatever the plan is. It will be useless without vitamin M. It is the bridge.  Without M, one cannot deal with the flow. It boost’s all the plans, it is the oxygen to the plan.

To raise the money all the above parameters play a pivotal role in their own way, it is very important to catch the right sponsors and financiers.

If the money has to be amassed between the panel, then it should be well ciphered to compile the particular amount from each person as per capacity or else should be equally shared by the panel.  Even the expenditure’s type,purpose,time of expenditure,  has to be accounted in the plan, and there should be alternative plan to come off any stalemates in the finance.

Even a small event needs a perfect plan and execution. For example say a pooja (Festival) in your house or a Ganesh utsav (Ganesh festival) in your street. The small moon can eclipse the great sun, alike, a small mistake can menace your event.

One can do great things, set yourself in the right place at the right time.